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Maritime Security:


Turn the darkest night into day with thermal imaging solutions from HVSS. Featuring three-axis stabilization your view ahead will be stable and easy to view, an important and exclusive feature. Fully marine prepared, the systems are designed for reliable service in harsh maritime environments. Add a thermal camera to your marine navigation suite and turn night into day. Thermal Imaging helps save lives by enabling ship and airborne crews to find victims faster and more efficiently. Day or night and through heavy rain, dense fog, or smoke, thermal imaging is an indispensable tool for search and rescue operations. Onshore, infrared effectively detects personnel through foliage, providing rapid recovery in hostile territory.
Standoff advantage is essential to intelligence gathering.

HVSS allows maritime professionals to conduct a variety of surveillance operations including surveying beaches before landing, monitoring waterways for mines and obstacles, detecting submarine wakes, pollution control for commercial ships and covert law enforcement operations.