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High Value Solution Systems ( HVSS ) offers night vision, thermal infrared imaging systems for virtually every security application. Thermal imaging offers advantages over low light and daylight cameras in applications where lighting is impossible, too expensive or long range performance is required. Security for major industrial, infrastructure, and transportation facilities has become increasingly challenging. Today’s intruders are not only more sophisticated, they’re potentially more dangerous. All it takes is a single person or vehicle to penetrate your facility – one event to damage critical assets, destroy infrastructure or threaten lives. And with so many vulnerable conditions the dark of night, dense fog, far distance, thick smoke, people hiding in shadows – you need a system that allows you to see farther, recognize more detail, and react quicker.

For border security, port security, and critical infrastructure applications, thermal imaging has proven vital to threat detection initiatives. Even with the best daylight or lowlight cameras, there are many contrast starved situations where a thermal imager outperforms all other sensors.

We encourage you to learn about the capabilities of our thermal imagers and automated threat detection systems.